Voice-driven automation opens multiple opportunities for any organization.  Teleworker deployments are typically workflows that can be standardized in any organization.  Integrating technologies like Tropo with an organization’s Meraki network can enhance an end-user experience during their teleworker solution deployment.  

An organization wants to deploy a new teleworker solution with minimal provisioning from the help desk.  The IT team deploys a network template called ‘Teleworkers’ to bind the new teleworker networks.  Leveraging the APIs for Meraki Dashboard and Tropo while use Python, the IT team created a seamless end-user self-service deployment.  Test the Employee Provisioning hotline.

Call +1-415-273-9929 and enter a 5-digit employee number of your choosing to provision a teleworker network. Login with the credentials below to see your new network deployment.

Username: [email protected]
Password: ilovemeraki
Choose Organization: Sandbox-BGP

Launch Demo

Search for the five (5) digit Employee ID number previously entered on the hotline to locate the newly created “Teleworker Network”.