Locate Assets with a Chat Bot

Investigo is Latin for track or trace out, investigate. Investigo is a bot for Spark, Cisco’s unified communications service, which enables customers to use wireless infrastructure to locate Wi-Fi capable assets. The Investigo is a mash-up bot that uses several solutions: Spark, Tropo and Meraki wireless access points, spanning from the enterprise to the Internet of Things world. Created by  Rafael Carvalho Demo Investigo Demo Server This project utilizes data provided by http://live-map.meraki.com, which shows anonymized… Read More “Locate Assets with a Chat Bot”

Cisco Meraki Scanning API Demo App

Overview   This application shows you how to get started using the Cisco Meraki Scanning API. Scanning API is Meraki’s location analytics and engagement platform. Source Code    Demo  1. This code is for sample purposes only. Before running in production, you should probably add SSL/TLS support by running this server behind a TLS-capable reverse proxy like nginx. 2. You should also test that your server is capable of handling the rate of events that will be… Read More “Cisco Meraki Scanning API Demo App”