Locate Assets with a Chat Bot

Investigo is Latin for track or trace out, investigate. Investigo is a bot for Spark, Cisco’s unified communications service, which enables customers to use wireless infrastructure to locate Wi-Fi capable assets. The Investigo is a mash-up bot that uses several solutions: Spark, Tropo and Meraki wireless access points, spanning from the enterprise to the Internet of Things world. Created by  Rafael Carvalho Demo Investigo Demo Server This project utilizes data provided by http://live-map.meraki.com, which shows anonymized… Read More “Locate Assets with a Chat Bot”

Report Usage Stats with Python

Run comparison reports on network traffic volume generated by different user groups across multiple organizations and networks. This solution can be used to run a quick report over a certain period of time or can be scheduled to generate a regular report. Source Code Prerequisites   To run the script, you need to install Python 3 and the Requests module first. More information on installing these components for your operating system can be found here:… Read More “Report Usage Stats with Python”

Meraki Dashboard with Alexa

Just say “Alexa ask Meraki why is the network slow?” Amazon Alexa can use Meraki’s Dashboard API to control and answer questions all hands-free. Ask Alexa for the status of the network, monitor the traffic usage, and block fantasy football websites.  Source Code Prerequisites You will need: Amazon Echo device or Alexa package running on a device (like a Raspberry Pi), or the Amazon Shopping mobile app on Android/iPhone (pictured below) 2. Account on developer.amazon.com… Read More “Meraki Dashboard with Alexa”

MX Firewall Control Python Script

A multi-organization, multi-network Meraki MX Layer 3 firewall control script in Python 3 mxfirewallcontrol.py is a script written to rapidly view, create backups for and make changes to Meraki MX Layer 3 firewall rulesets across multiple organizations, networks and templates. It can be used both as a command-line utility and as a back-end process to create custom management portals. Version 1.1, Written by   Installation To run and use the script, Python 3 and the… Read More “MX Firewall Control Python Script”

Automation Scripts with Python

A collection of powerful open source Python scripts that can be used to manage Meraki networks with the Dashboard API. Clone the repository and browse the various scripts. Each script is documented within the file for quick reference. Some scripts also include a PDF manual. Source Code   Automation Scripts checksubnets.py This is a script to check if the LAN IPs (management addresses) of all access points in one or more organizations belong to specific… Read More “Automation Scripts with Python”

Scanning API Receiver with Python

A basic web service to accept Scanning API data from a Meraki network Accept a GET request from Meraki and respond with a validator Meraki will POST to server, if validated. POST will contain a secret, which can be verified by the server. JSON data will be in req.body.data. Source Code   Python Scripts cmxreceiver.py The basic app which will simply display the results to the console. cmxreceiver-mongodb.py Extends the basic app by placing data… Read More “Scanning API Receiver with Python”

Dashboard API for Service Providers

Overview This lab simulates a real-world business case where a network or systems engineer must find a solution utilizing the Meraki Dashboard API. It will teach you to understand application requirements, gather details and then demonstrate your capabilities using Postman. Prerequisites  Postman with Meraki Collection Collections for use in the lab SP API Lab collection (for this lab) SP API Lab Environment template Example scenario A large Service Provider needs to roll-out Meraki Devices at… Read More “Dashboard API for Service Providers”

Meraki Python Library Installation Guide

The Meraki Dashboard API is a powerful way of interacting with your network. To streamline your development, a Python module has been written with all of the available API calls. This allows for instant interaction with API without the overhead of writing the request calls. This guide will get you up and running with the Meraki Python library module. For macOS users Install Homebrew first, if not already present, in terminal: > ruby -e “$(curl… Read More “Meraki Python Library Installation Guide”

Automation with Dashboard API

Automation with Python – API Lab Getting Started The following lab guide will help get you familiar with using the Dashboard API and the Python programming language. It consists of a few exercises to get you up and running quickly. We will first start with getting the prerequisites installed and configured. Then we will modify a pre-written Python script to interact with the API. You only need a basic understanding of programming and Meraki to… Read More “Automation with Dashboard API”