Network alerting in WebEx Teams with Webhooks

Ensure the entire team gets notified when there’s a network event by integrating Meraki alerts with your favorite collaboration app Lots of teams are making use of new collaboration tools and services in place of email to help increase productivity and transparency. In this guide we’d like to share a quick and easy method for integrating Meraki network alerts with your collaboration tool to help everyone stay on top of events. In this example, we will be using WebEx… Read More “Network alerting in WebEx Teams with Webhooks”

Intro to the Dashboard API

Postman is a popular graphical tool for working with REST APIs. Use this tool to explore and work with the Meraki Dashboard API quickly.  Dashboard API Postman Collection Overview If you are new to programming or a seasoned software engineer, knowing what’s possible is half the battle. Postman allows you to interact with APIs by simply entering the URL and parameters into the application. By hitting Send, you will be able to get the API… Read More “Intro to the Dashboard API”

Captive Portal with Zapier

Easily extend your WiFi splash page with the Meraki Captive Portal API and Zapier to automate marketing task like emails, surveys, CRM integration. Use Cases Survey processing Dynamic network policies Trigger business workflows Store data in CRM Instant engagement Configuration There are a few steps to get this going. Once configured, there are tons of possibilities for interacting with the data. Configure Meraki network Host a Captive Portal Zapier Integration Pre-requisites Meraki wireless network Zapier… Read More “Captive Portal with Zapier”

Cisco DevNet Learning Labs

Learn the basics of interacting with Meraki’s Dashboard API and then dive deeper into various Meraki integrations by building your own solutions. Labs include the following self-guided topics and challenges. DEVNET Learning Labs Meraki Dashboard API (30 min) Getting started with the Meraki Dashboard API Meraki Location Scanning API (20 min) Config and Launch a web app in Python that leverages the Meraki Location Scanning API Deploy a Meraki Click Through Captive Portal (20 min) The… Read More “Cisco DevNet Learning Labs”

Automation with Dashboard API

Automation with Python – API Lab Getting Started The following lab guide will help get you familiar with using the Dashboard API and the Python programming language. It consists of a few exercises to get you up and running quickly. We will first start with getting the prerequisites installed and configured. Then we will modify a pre-written Python script to interact with the API. You only need a basic understanding of programming and Meraki to… Read More “Automation with Dashboard API”