Wayfinding with Mapwize

Individuals often have a hard time finding their way indoors, as services like Google Maps only work in shopping malls and airports. Mapwize’s indoor mapping platform allows you to use Meraki access points to navigate buildings like shopping malls, hospitals and more. This article will teach you how to create a custom map with Mapwize’s open-source platform and deploy it alongside Meraki access points and the Scanning API. Launch Demo Indoor Location from Meraki Wayfinding… Read More “Wayfinding with Mapwize”

Integrating BLE with Locly

Integrating BLE with Locly BLE is a great feature built into Meraki MRs.  To show the capability of BLE, we have created a lab using Locly cloud based app platform.  Each Meraki SE will have their own account to build an app prototype that can be used to demo BLE usage in customer trials and/or existing environments. Prerequisites   Enabling the Dashboard for Bluetooth Scanning In order to complete this lab, Bluetooth scanning must be enabled in Dashboard:… Read More “Integrating BLE with Locly”

Locate Employees in 3D Buildings

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology has enabled Bluetooth badges and other small form factor beacons, to become affordable. Using the Bluetooth radio and Meraki Scanning API, this demo shows a live example of what can be built. Meraki HQ in San Francisco A few employees in the Cisco Meraki HQ in San Francisco have agreed to be tracked on a 3D map of our office. Use the app to find a person, click on them,… Read More “Locate Employees in 3D Buildings”

Building IoT Apps with Node-RED

Explore all of the Meraki APIs and interact with Cisco Spark easily with Node-RED. This is a great environment for learning and experimenting with APIs as well as Internet of Things technology. Labs Scanning API Captive Portal API Dashboard API Cisco Spark API Getting Started This guide will walk through the configuration of several Node-RED flows to interact with the Meraki and Spark APIs. It will demonstrate how to think about connecting APIs and the… Read More “Building IoT Apps with Node-RED”

Indoor Maps and Wayfinding

Why would someone need indoor maps or wayfinding? Organizations across numerous industries are already taking advantage of the potential of location-aware technologies in native mobile applications. Here’s a snapshot of how some industries are engaging their customers and driving revenue with a branded mobile app: Financial Services Large banks have one of the highest app install rates or market penetration into their own customer base. Banking apps reduce banks’ brick & mortar retail costs and… Read More “Indoor Maps and Wayfinding”

Boosting Customer Engagement with Location Analytics

Using new technologies to solve the age-old problem of customer engagement The competition between brick-and-mortar shops and ecommerce retailers has never been fiercer. And to many observers, leading ecommerce companies like Amazon seem to have the upper hand: according to PwC, online retail sales grew over 10% in 2016, compared to just 1.4% for brick-and-mortar retail. But traditional retailers have a trick up their sleeve: experiential shopping, which turns physical shopping into an engaging experience that no online… Read More “Boosting Customer Engagement with Location Analytics”