Locate Assets with a Chat Bot

Investigo is Latin for track or trace out, investigate. Investigo is a bot for Spark, Cisco’s unified communications service, which enables customers to use wireless infrastructure to locate Wi-Fi capable assets. The Investigo is a mash-up bot that uses several solutions: Spark, Tropo and Meraki wireless access points, spanning from the enterprise to the Internet of Things world. Created by  Rafael Carvalho Demo Investigo Demo Server This project utilizes data provided by http://live-map.meraki.com, which shows anonymized… Read More “Locate Assets with a Chat Bot”

Integrating BLE with Locly

Integrating BLE with Locly BLE is a great feature built into Meraki MRs.  To show the capability of BLE, we have created a lab using Locly cloud based app platform.  Each Meraki SE will have their own account to build an app prototype that can be used to demo BLE usage in customer trials and/or existing environments. Prerequisites   Enabling the Dashboard for Bluetooth Scanning In order to complete this lab, Bluetooth scanning must be enabled in Dashboard:… Read More “Integrating BLE with Locly”

Real Time Location Services for Asset Tracking

Cisco Meraki access points integrate with Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) software from Ekahau and Stanley Healthcare (previously known as AeroScout). These RTLS vendors offer the ability to track clients or Active RFID tags with great accuracy in real-time, graphical formats.  Cisco Meraki APs support Ekahau and Stanley / AeroScout tags in both unassociated “blink mode” and associated “connected mode”. Blink mode has various benefits like generally increased battery life of the WiFi tags. The placement of the access points around the perimeter of a… Read More “Real Time Location Services for Asset Tracking”