Meraki provides an API that allows you to export the location data to your own application. This sample app shows will show you how to get started using the Cisco Meraki Location API with an app you can really build in 10 minutes with Ruby.

The API lets organizations have access to the raw data used by the Meraki dashboard. With access to the raw data there are some major benefits. The full device identities are included, facilitating lookup by other applications by MAC address or IP address. The data is provided with only a short delay between it being created and presented to the API.

The Scanning API allows for software to be developed that are location and identity aware. User identity can be linked to devices, location awareness becomes bound only by the geographical dispersion of your access points (AP). The Scanning API provides X,Y coordinates, and latitude and longitude values. You can now track any device in Cisco Meraki’s headquarters in San Francisco with the Location demo app.

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