Investigo is Latin for track or trace out, investigate. Investigo is a bot for Spark, Cisco’s unified communications service, which enables customers to use wireless infrastructure to locate Wi-Fi capable assets. The Investigo is a mash-up bot that uses several solutions: Spark, Tropo and Meraki wireless access points, spanning from the enterprise to the Internet of Things world.

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Investigo Demo Server

  • This project utilizes data provided by, which shows anonymized location information of Meraki employees in the HQ of the company.


  • Track a specific wireless device using its name.

Quick Usage

  • Find the bot on Spark using its email: [email protected]
  • Start a 1:1 conversation with Investigo on Cisco Spark and use the available commands.
  • There might be a delay on the first command you run (the server needs to be woken up)

Available commands on Spark:

  • list assets 
    • provides a list of registered assets
  • find asset 
    • name of the asset (locates the asset on the map)
  • find MAC Address 
    • find a wireless device using its MAC address
  • fix name of the asset 
    • updates the MAC address of the asset to an address that is currently being seen on the network
  • open 
    • gives a link to the web console of the app

Developer Mode

If you want to use it on your Meraki network, here are the steps:

  1. Spin up the server that will receive the location information from Meraki Dashboard. Follow the guide:
  2. Download the code available at:
  3. Configure your server settings:
    • Install all libraries described on requirements.txt.
    • Make sure you have a PostgreSQL server running.
    • Make sure you change all environmental variables on the .env file:
      ADMIN_NAME=admin's name on Spark
      SPARK_TOKEN=get your token from 
  4. Run your server: python
  5. This server needs to be accessible from the Internet. If you don’t have a public IP:
    • You can use for to expose your localhost to the Internet.
    • Alternatively, you can host your app on Heroku. ProcFile provided on the github repository
  6. Go to your code and change web/externalapis/meraki/ to point to the server you created on step 1.
  7. Add a JSON file describing your location to the same folder as app/static/server_config/meraki/meraki-hq-san-francisco.json and change the file path on the same file of the previous step. Don’t worry about the id’s on this file.
  8. Setup the server:
    • Use a browser to go to your server’s homepage:
    • Click settings on the top menu
    • Select cloud as your deployment mode
    • Add a cloud server
    • Use demo network
  9. Create a Spark webhook and point all messages to your public IP:


This solution is meant for educational/proof of concept purposes only. Any use of this tool is at your own risk. There is no guarantee that they have been thorough testing in a comparable environment and we are not responsible for any damage or data loss incurred with their use.