Learn the basics of interacting with Meraki’s Dashboard API and then dive deeper into various Meraki integrations by building your own solutions. Labs include the following self-guided topics and challenges.

DEVNET Learning Labs

Meraki Dashboard API (30 min)
Getting started with the Meraki Dashboard API

Meraki Location Scanning API (20 min)
Config and Launch a web app in Python that leverages the Meraki Location Scanning API

Deploy a Meraki Click Through Captive Portal (20 min)
The purpose of this learning lab is to build a click through splash page

Meraki Dashboard API with NodeRED (20 min)
Getting started with the Meraki Dashboard API using NodeRED

Use Alexa to configure a Meraki Guest Network (45 min)
Meraki has a rich API to configure networks. Amazon’s Alexa has the ability to voice interact with anything that has an API. This Lab will will show you how you can intergrate Meraki and Alexa