Captive Portal with Mews hospitality PMS

Integrating a wireless network with a hotel PMS system, using the Meraki and Mews APIs. This guide serves as an example of what could easily be built when you have the power of cloud networking on your side.   Scenario Objectives The “Solutions Hotel” would like to integrate their hotel property management system (PMS) with the wireless network to provide a seamless experience for their guests. For compliance and continued engagement, the login activity should… Read More “Captive Portal with Mews hospitality PMS”

Location Analytics with Splunk

This article will provide step by step instructions for configuring Splunk to collect data from a Meraki network using the Scanning API to collect location data for Wi-Fi and bluetooth devices and using Syslog to collect syslog events for the MX security appliance. About Splunk Splunk has closely aligned with Cisco Meraki to help organizations gain insights leveraging the vast amounts of data generated by Meraki products. Meraki customers use Splunk’s software and cloud services to… Read More “Location Analytics with Splunk”

Yelp Wi-Fi Integration Guide

Meraki MR Setup for Yelp Wi-Fi This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Meraki Network configured to support Yelp WiFi. Once you have a Network created, you will be able to add access points and begin using them to create your Yelp WiFi hotspots. Instructions on how to configure: Location and scanning Captive Portal / Access Control Splash Page Location and scanning Open your Meraki dashboard at In the left navigation… Read More “Yelp Wi-Fi Integration Guide”

OneLogin Integration Guide

Configuring the RADIUS Server Interface with Meraki Access Points This topic describes how to configure Meraki Access Points (APs) to use OneLogin as a RADIUS server, enabling your users to connect to WiFi using their OneLogin credentials. OneLogin has a RADIUS server interface that will accept RADIUS authentication requests from devices that support the RADIUS protocol, like Meraki AP devices. When OneLogin receives an Access-Request message, the user is authenticated against the directory linked to the user. To… Read More “OneLogin Integration Guide”

Euclid Integration Guide

Euclid Connect Meraki Configuration: Step by Step Prerequisites You have submitted a Product Activation request, and Euclid Support has supplied the Post URL, Secret Key, and captive portal URLs. IT has Admin privilege access to client’s Meraki Dashboard Meraki Dashboard Walled Garden whitelist has been enabled to support domain names as well as IP addresses. (contact Meraki support directly to enable) After you have correctly added the web server’s IP to the walled garden, the… Read More “Euclid Integration Guide”

Zenreach Integration Guide

Your Zenreach AP is pre-configured for your specific business and is designed to be plug-and-play. Once the AP has been appropriately installed, it simply needs an internet connection and ~10 minutes to be fully online and broadcasting your business’s new guest WiFi network. Each AP broadcasts a default SSID of “.Public WiFi”. Zenreach can additionally enable a custom SSID for your business if requested. How to install your AP: Remove all belongings from box. Flip… Read More “Zenreach Integration Guide”

Splash Access Integration Guide

To add your Splash page into the Cisco Meraki access point you will firstly need to login to your Meraki Dashboard. Once you have successfully logged in please follow the steps below. 1) Splash Page Settings Click on Wireless – Splash Page Select your SSID from the drop down Under Custom splash URL : Select ‘Or provide a URL where users will be redirected’ Enter the URL of the Splash page into the input box i.e… Read More “Splash Access Integration Guide”

Meraki Aislelabs Integration Guide

You can configure the Meraki dashboard to send raw Wi-Fi capture information to the Aislelabs servers via HTTP. All traffic flow is outbound from your network. Meraki Setup  Before you get started, here are the things you need: A Meraki account (if you do not have one, please refer to this guide) Your Meraki API Key Please create support ticket under “Help > Cases” to Meraki to have these features enabled. Once the support ticket… Read More “Meraki Aislelabs Integration Guide”

Cloud4Wi Integration Guide

This guide shows how to configure a Cisco Meraki device (MR series) for Cloud4Wi Volare. Configuring your SSID and access controls The first step is configuring the SSID of the access point. Please select your organization and group, then select Wireless in the drop-down menu and then click SSIDs under the Configure subsection. Then select your SSID. If you want to use an inactive SSID, please click on Show all my SSIDs. Then enable your inactive SSID. If your network is disabled,… Read More “Cloud4Wi Integration Guide”

Purple Integration Guide

This article will describe how to configure a Meraki network for Purple’s splash page product. Configure Meraki Dashboard Login to your Meraki Dashboard. Browse to Wireless > SSIDs Create a new SSID to prevent any impact to existing customers or select edit settings for your existing SSID. Click “Access Control” on the left menu and select which SSID you want to use, then configure with the below settings: In the Splash page settings select Sign on with… Read More “Purple Integration Guide”