Captive Portal with Mews hospitality PMS

Integrating a wireless network with a hotel PMS system, using the Meraki and Mews APIs. This guide serves as an example of what could easily be built when you have the power of cloud networking on your side.   Scenario Objectives The “Solutions Hotel” would like to integrate their hotel property management system (PMS) with the wireless network to provide a seamless experience for their guests. For compliance and continued engagement, the login activity should… Read More “Captive Portal with Mews hospitality PMS”

Scanning API Docs

Scanning API Thanks to widely available ‘smart devices equipped with WiFi and BLE, Cisco Meraki’s wireless access points can detect and provide location analytics to report on user foot traffic behavior. This can be especially useful in multi-site retail or enterprise deployments where admins or departments beyond IT wish to learn more about trends and user engagement. Coupled with traditional reporting from the WiFi network on client devices, applications and websites, Cisco Meraki provides a… Read More “Scanning API Docs”

Location Analytics with Splunk

This article will provide step by step instructions for configuring Splunk to collect data from a Meraki network using the Scanning API to collect location data for Wi-Fi and bluetooth devices and using Syslog to collect syslog events for the MX security appliance. About Splunk Splunk has closely aligned with Cisco Meraki to help organizations gain insights leveraging the vast amounts of data generated by Meraki products. Meraki customers use Splunk’s software and cloud services to… Read More “Location Analytics with Splunk”

Provision Networks with ServiceNow

Leveraging Meraki APIs, you can cloud manage your network with the ServiceNow platform! In this article, we discuss what it would take to build your own application. To do this, we will explore a scenario in which a service provider would like to provide a custom Meraki tool where their operators can easily provision a network. The tool will consist of a few forms to enter the site details, bind a newly created network to… Read More “Provision Networks with ServiceNow”

Wayfinding with Mapwize

Individuals often have a hard time finding their way indoors, as services like Google Maps only work in shopping malls and airports. Mapwize’s indoor mapping platform allows you to use Meraki access points to navigate buildings like shopping malls, hospitals and more. This article will teach you how to create a custom map with Mapwize’s open-source platform and deploy it alongside Meraki access points and the Scanning API. Launch Demo Indoor Location from Meraki Wayfinding… Read More “Wayfinding with Mapwize”

Locate Assets with a Chat Bot

Investigo is Latin for track or trace out, investigate. Investigo is a bot for Spark, Cisco’s unified communications service, which enables customers to use wireless infrastructure to locate Wi-Fi capable assets. The Investigo is a mash-up bot that uses several solutions: Spark, Tropo and Meraki wireless access points, spanning from the enterprise to the Internet of Things world. Created by  Rafael Carvalho Demo Investigo Demo Server This project utilizes data provided by, which shows anonymized… Read More “Locate Assets with a Chat Bot”

Manage Administrators Across Organizations

Meraki users may encounter a scenario where they must manage multiple Meraki dashboard organizations, whether by necessity (scale) or for management purposes. This is also common for managed service providers who help more than one customer. A Python-based script has been developed by our open source community in order to help our users quickly and programmatically add, delete, find, and list administrators across organizations. Source Code   Prerequisites To run the script, you need to… Read More “Manage Administrators Across Organizations”

Raspberry Pi for the Meraki APIs

Configure a Raspberry Pi device to run Node-RED and integrate with Cisco Meraki’s Scanning API, Dashboard API, Cisco Spark API and Google Static Maps API. In this guide, we will create a working product to share valuable real-time data in a Spark room using all of these APIs. What do I need? Before you begin, please make sure you have the following items available to continue with the configuration: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Micro-SD… Read More “Raspberry Pi for the Meraki APIs”

Report Usage Stats with Python

Run comparison reports on network traffic volume generated by different user groups across multiple organizations and networks. This solution can be used to run a quick report over a certain period of time or can be scheduled to generate a regular report. Source Code Prerequisites   To run the script, you need to install Python 3 and the Requests module first. More information on installing these components for your operating system can be found here:… Read More “Report Usage Stats with Python”

Intro to the Dashboard API

Postman is a popular graphical tool for working with REST APIs. Use this tool to explore and work with the Meraki Dashboard API quickly.  Dashboard API Postman Collection Overview If you are new to programming or a seasoned software engineer, knowing what’s possible is half the battle. Postman allows you to interact with APIs by simply entering the URL and parameters into the application. By hitting Send, you will be able to get the API… Read More “Intro to the Dashboard API”