Meraki Alerts with PagerDuty

“PagerDuty Integrates Machine Data + Human Intelligence To Accelerate Response.” Overview This guide demonstrates how you can easily capture Meraki Dashboard alerts into PagerDuty. From there, you can dynamically generate incidents and IT workflows. More Info PagerDuty Meraki Alerts Setup The integration is pretty simple. You will just need to add a new integration into PagerDuty using a Transformer tool to capture the Meraki alert data. A small bit of JavaScript is used to parse the… Read More “Meraki Alerts with PagerDuty”

Network alerting in WebEx Teams with Webhooks

Ensure the entire team gets notified when there’s a network event by integrating Meraki alerts with your favorite collaboration app Lots of teams are making use of new collaboration tools and services in place of email to help increase productivity and transparency. In this guide we’d like to share a quick and easy method for integrating Meraki network alerts with your collaboration tool to help everyone stay on top of events. In this example, we will be using WebEx… Read More “Network alerting in WebEx Teams with Webhooks”

Meraki Webhooks with json-server

Quickly launch a JSON server to receive, store and process Meraki webhook Alerts. Overview Meraki Webhooks are a powerful and lightweight new way to subscribe to alerts sent from the Meraki Cloud when something happens. They include a JSON formatted message and are sent to a unique URL where they can be processed, stored or used to trigger powerful automations. This solution provides you with a rapid way to setup a hosted service capable of receiving… Read More “Meraki Webhooks with json-server”

Meraki Dashboard Alerts with Google Sheets

Easily capture Meraki Dashboard alerts using webhooks and Google Sheets. Google Sheet Script How it Works The Meraki Dashboard has multiple ways of delivering notifications when an event occurs. For example, you may want to receive an email alert when settings have been changed, or an SNMP Trap is sent when a device goes offline. Now you can receive an HTTP post message. This is called a webhook, and it makes it easy to integrate… Read More “Meraki Dashboard Alerts with Google Sheets”