Integrating a wireless network with a hotel PMS system, using the Meraki and Mews APIs. This guide serves as an example of what could easily be built when you have the power of cloud networking on your side.


Scenario Objectives

  • The “Solutions Hotel” would like to integrate their hotel property management system (PMS) with the wireless network to provide a seamless experience for their guests.
  • For compliance and continued engagement, the login activity should be delivered to an external server.
  • Hotel management should have access to basic network settings for simple updates or analysis.
  • Third-party field technicians should have enhanced access to perform network maintenance but no access to the Meraki Dashboard.


The business currently leverages multiple cloud platforms to run their operations.

Property Management System

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Manage customers and reservations with a cloud based hospitality PMS.

Use the MEWS API to interact with the database from the splash page.

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Password connector-api

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Network Management


Total control of the hotel networks across multiple sites.

  • Analyze the network
  • Build network policies
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Control all locations from a single pane of glass

Use the Meraki APIs to extend this power into custom applications.

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We will leverage open APIs to design a great experience for the guests as well as providing advanced services and value adds to the business.

  • Present splash page to wireless users, including company logo and terms of service.
  • Authenticate guest against customer record in the Mews platform.
  • Log the data into an external server for advanced processing
  • Custom web application to control network settings for both hotel management and local technician.

Splash Page Authentication

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Use the Meraki Captive Portal API to build a custom login experience for hotel guests.

  • Collect user details.
  • Deliver terms of service.
  • Branding opportunity.

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Source Code

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Network Access and Policy

A Group Policy has been applied and the client is authorized on the network.

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Engagement / Analytics / Logging

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Use Node-RED to listen for events and trigger actions

  • Cisco Teams
  • Google Maps
  • Concierge Services
  • Logging / Compliance

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Inform the service desk or concierge when a client has joined the network.

Locate lost property or high value assets, such as a shared iPad.

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Network Maintenance

The corporate IT department does not want to grant Meraki Dashboard access to remote contractors and the local hotel staff. Instead, a custom technician app was built to provide appropriate access based on the individual using the Dashboard API.

Technician App

A collection of tools to check the status of a network and make common adjustments.

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Hotel management can modify basic wireless settings.

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Field technicians have advanced settings without needing access to the Meraki Dashboard.

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By leveraging APIs, we have been able to build a powerful solution for the hotel. This is just one possibility of what you can do with Meraki as a platform and our ecosystem partners.



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